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For all the bumps, scrapes and whatever else life throws your way. At some point, you'll need it and we'll be glad to help you stay covered. We'll also help you stay on top of new legislation and to stay compliant with federal laws.


Legal Shield allows you access to unlimited legal counsel at any time of day. You can easily update your wills, healthcare directives, power of attorney documents and have access to many more documents with your 24/7 "on call" attorney.

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Don't allow you or your family to be a victim of identity theft. With Identity Theft Shield you have the protection of the only nationwide coverage that will clean up the mess if you or your family become the victim of identity theft.

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Sometimes you don't have all the tools or time you need. Our HR services and tool kit can help you do your job faster and more efficiently.  With an employee portal, we can streamline your entire HR process.


Whether it's due to a motorcycle accident or a serious illness, long term care may be what you need if you can''t independently perform the basic activities of daily living. We can help you make sure your employees get the help they'll need.

They're not just your employees, they're your friends, your family and your responsibility.  We know how important it is to you to take proper care and provide coverage for your team.  It's also no coincidence that a well covered team is more productive too.  We are here to help you make the right decisions when it comes to making sure your team has the coverage it needs. Use the links to the right to learn more, or contact us today!