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patty jensen
Customer Service Specialist


I listen to customer’s questions and concerns, provide answers, process claims, support the sales team, answer phones and make outbound calls.

Donna Arens

I respond to client questions about benefits and assist them in managing the benefits of their employees, and I support the sales team by assisting them with proposals and presentations.

Donna Arens - Sioux Falls Employee Benefits
Kay Heimark - Sioux Falls Group Benefits

roger risty

I acquire new customers by providing innovative and creative solutions in a complex benefit market.
I see that current client’s needs are serviced and maintain their trust by providing top-notch service.

sonja nordbyE
Account Executive

I provide outstanding customer service by understanding and tailoring benefits to fit each client’s needs.  I like to keep it: Simple. Easy. Painless.

jamelle moen

I serve and support clients, agents, and staff while maintaining the highest possible level of service and quality. I oversee day-to-day office operations and am the primary contact for individuals and families seeking health insurance.

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Roger Risty - Group Benefits Expert


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Jamelle Moen - Group Benefits Expert

janece risty
Tech Writer

I've worked in the Healthcare Field for over 20 years. I enjoy helping others and making sure they are healthy.

angela risty-northrop

I set appointments and provide support for agents while continuing to uphold the integrity and quality of service for our clients.

They're not just your employees, they're your friends, your family and your responsibility.  We know how important it is to you to take proper care and provide coverage for your team.  It's also no coincidence that a well-covered team is more productive, too.  We are here to help you make the right decisions when it comes to making sure your team has the coverage it needs. At Risty Benefits, we're here for you. Contact us today!

Kay Heimark
Account Executive

I specialize in group insurance and benefits across the State of South Dakota for employers with 2 to over 200 employees.

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